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school group photoThe mission of Highland Martial Arts is to provide quality martial arts instruction along with ethical, professional service in a school dedicated to mental and physical conditioning as well as lifelong fitness and continuous learning. Our community is built on a foundation of respect for all and of discipline in oneself. We are family friendly and low ego. Conveniently located by Piedmont Park, we offer daily classes at varying times to suit different schedules.

We provide two paths of learning: kung fu (external arts) and tai chi (internal arts). Both offer improved physical fitness, better integration and awareness of mind and body and an incredible amount of martial training. We also offer a separate kung fu youth program that introduces your child to the lifelong benefits of martial arts training.

Why you should try HMA:

  • Supportive instructors
  • Traditional Shaolin forms
  • Self defense skills
  • A wide variety of weapons including swords, staffs and spears
  • Fun way for kids to learn self-discipline and the value of hard work

Does your child have ADHD? Kung fu could help. Check out this blog post by a parent: Martial Arts and ADHD.

New! Drop-in Tai Chi Classes!

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